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Terms & Policy

1. All garments/linen/fabrics are handled with greatest care but owing to the conditions of the articles or non apparent/non-visible defects in its material there is a possibility of discoloring or shrinkage. Such garments are accepted for cleaning at owner’s risk and company will not accept any responsibility for it.

2. Any disruption in the folded laundry due to Mending or False Repair has to be acceptable by the Customer.

3. Company due to time constraints does not read manufacturer suggested care and washing / drying labels, and will not responsible for garments labeled "hand wash only" or "dry clean only"

4. Removal of stain is a part of the process but, complete removal of stains cannot be guaranteed and will be processed at customer's risk.

5. Please check your pockets and folds before handing over the laundry; we will not be liable for any missing item i.e. money, keys, receipts that are left in the pockets/folds of the garments.

6. In the case of damage of any Coat, Suits, Saree, Shirt, Pants, Punjabi, Trouser or Salwar-Suit while in our factory, regardless of brand or condition, our liability with respect to any damaged items shall not exceed five (5) times our charge for cleaning that garment.

7. In the case of damage of any Blanket, Quilt, Carpet, Curtains, Pullover, Dolls, Ladies Bag, Tie, Bed-sheet, Jacket etc while in our factory, regardless of brand or condition, our liability with respect to any damaged items shall not exceed five (5) times our charge for cleaning that garment.

8. We do not deliver half/part of your whole laundry order; Customer can only expect the delivery after all the items in the basket are ready to deliver.

9. We cannot guarantee any stain removal on leather products just by wash. We do not compensate for any damage on leather products.

10. We will not be responsible for any damage for any property not claimed within 1 month of the original pick up date. A monthly inventory charge of 10% of the whole laundry bill will be applied after the first month from the original pick up date.

11. If 80% stain is removed on any garment, the laundry charge will be applied. And we will not be responsible for the damage/discolor at the exact point of the stain. Please note No Damage Claim will be entertained for this.

12. Customer might get regular updates (Calls / SMS / E-mail) from Company of transactional and marketing in nature.

13. We intend to pay our utmost effort to provide the best possible services to our valued customer. But in case of some abnormalities; e.g. strike and disruption of utilities supplies, bad traffic condition there could be some delay.

14. In case of loss of any article, a compensation will be offered up to 5 (Five) times of the charges amount shown against that article on the voucher. If lost item was under any offer or package then compansation amount will be based on that offered service charge of that particular garment/item instead of regular price.

15. All claims must be made within 24 hours after delivery and accompanied by the original voucher.

16. Special care will be taken for each article but will not be held responsible for shrinkage or fastness of color or on curtains or on synthetics.

Not responsible for orders leftover 30 days.

DhopaGhat (ধোপাঘাট)

We are a digital one stop online laundry service provider named “ধোপাঘাট”. Our services are wash, iron, dry clean, spot/stain removal, smart packaging, home pickup & delivery. We are serving inside whole Dhaka metropolitan city area for over 6 months now with superior quality, exceptional value and unmatched reliability. We process laundry as per customer’s convenience and specification which saves both time, energy and money. We also pickup and deliver laundry clothes. We use safe and environment friendly detergents, softeners’ along with UV chamber for killing germs that efficiently clean all types of fabrics operated by our team of expert professionals. We also have a dedicated spot/stain removal section which removes all types of stains/spots from clothes.

DHOPAGHAT is simply the best online laundry and dry cleaning service around you who are always available regardless of your daily busy schedule in Dhaka city. Dhopaghat is like at your next door who are just one phone call or message away from you. Dhopaghat makes it very easy for you to get your laundry done with great quality and online support. We provide free laundry pickup and delivery in every areas of Dhaka city with our few most popular laundry packages. Our laundry experts and support team are always working hard to ensure best laundry experience. Our aim to save your time and money with pickup and delivery laundry at your doorstep with most efficiently and cost effectively. You can also use our online laundry delivery website / app to get it done. Dhopaghat is the best on demand laundry and dry cleaning service in every areas of Dhaka city with Home pickup and delivery. Dhopaghat offers a wide variety of laundry & dry cleaning packages / offers with great discounts and sale. Dhopaghat offers whole months laundry and dry cleaning packages for your home or office regardless of you are a family guy, single parent or bachelor. Dhopaghat offers the best laundry services in Dhaka city with great value for money. Dhopaghat is the best online laundry and dry cleaning service provider near you. We are the best local laundry service provider with great clothes cleaning, wash, iron, dry clean, folding, packaging, home pickup, home delivery. We are just like nearby / standby laundry & dry cleaning shop with more flexibility and better service. Dhopaghat is laundry, cloth washing, ironing service near you or arond you, just added advantage of home pickup and delivery at your home / doorstep. We serve your home, office, industry with great value and time. Dhopaghat is online laundry and dry cleaning service near you on daily / weekly / monthly basis whichever suits your needs.

Save your TIME, ENERGY & MONEY. Embrace new innovative changes in laundry industry.

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