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Garment Expert

A team of professionals who are expert in cloth's fabric and other details and instruct our operation team on how to handle various types of fabrics in different processes.

Pick & Delivery

Our dedicated pickup and delivery team is working very hard to serve you efficiently. We do pickup & delivery using pickup / motor cycle / cycle based on customer location.

Customer Care

We have a hard working team of expert call center executive and support stuff who are always trying to provide better service through efficient communication.

Sorting & Tagging

To avoid any issue with clothes from our respected customers our sorting and tagging department executives maintain proper system to make the process efficient.

Wash - Iron - Dry Clean

These executive works hard to provide best washing experience based on customers requirements of wash or iron or dry clean.

Spot - Stain Removal

Our dedicated spot/stain removal department works very efficiently to remove unwanted stains from your clothes and keep the fabric of clothes intact.


We deliver your clothes with proper packaging which is done by our packaging department which we are trying to improve every day.

Sales & Marketing

Our sales and marketing department executive always looking for new ways to reach new customers for retail and corporate contracts.

Branding & Creative

Our branding and creative department always iinovating new ways to serve you best possible offers and discounts with proper creatives and contents.

Why should you get service from DhopaGhat?

  • One stop cleaning service
  • Very easy to order
  • We are only one phone call or chat away
  • Saves time & energy from your daily activities
  • Less expanse compared to other laundry service provider
  • No need to waste time in front of any laundry shop for deposit and pickup
  • Special spot removal service
  • Anywhere in Dhaka city
  • Customer chat and hotline support
  • Better quality wash and packaging
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DhopaGhat (ধোপাঘাট)

We are a digital one stop online laundry service provider named “ধোপাঘাট”. Our services are wash, iron, dry clean, spot/stain removal, smart packaging, home pickup & delivery. We are serving inside whole Dhaka metropolitan city area for over 6 months now with superior quality, exceptional value and unmatched reliability. We process laundry as per customer’s convenience and specification which saves both time, energy and money. We also pickup and deliver laundry clothes. We use safe and environment friendly detergents, softeners’ along with UV chamber for killing germs that efficiently clean all types of fabrics operated by our team of expert professionals. We also have a dedicated spot/stain removal section which removes all types of stains/spots from clothes.

DHOPAGHAT is simply the best online laundry and dry cleaning service around you who are always available regardless of your daily busy schedule in Dhaka city. Dhopaghat is like at your next door who are just one phone call or message away from you. Dhopaghat makes it very easy for you to get your laundry done with great quality and online support. We provide free laundry pickup and delivery in every areas of Dhaka city with our few most popular laundry packages. Our laundry experts and support team are always working hard to ensure best laundry experience. Our aim to save your time and money with pickup and delivery laundry at your doorstep with most efficiently and cost effectively. You can also use our online laundry delivery website / app to get it done. Dhopaghat is the best on demand laundry and dry cleaning service in every areas of Dhaka city with Home pickup and delivery. Dhopaghat offers a wide variety of laundry & dry cleaning packages / offers with great discounts and sale. Dhopaghat offers whole months laundry and dry cleaning packages for your home or office regardless of you are a family guy, single parent or bachelor. Dhopaghat offers the best laundry services in Dhaka city with great value for money. Dhopaghat is the best online laundry and dry cleaning service provider near you. We are the best local laundry service provider with great clothes cleaning, wash, iron, dry clean, folding, packaging, home pickup, home delivery. We are just like nearby / standby laundry & dry cleaning shop with more flexibility and better service. Dhopaghat is laundry, cloth washing, ironing service near you or arond you, just added advantage of home pickup and delivery at your home / doorstep. We serve your home, office, industry with great value and time. Dhopaghat is online laundry and dry cleaning service near you on daily / weekly / monthly basis whichever suits your needs.

Save your TIME, ENERGY & MONEY. Embrace new innovative changes in laundry industry.

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